Belize – Beach

We recently stumbled on very cheap airfare to Belize, and decided to make a whirlwind tour of it, hurrying back in time for my brother’s wedding. It started off with two days on Ambergris Caye. It’s a small beach town called San Pedro that sits on land that is somewhere between an island an peninsula; It’s attached to Mexico, not Belize, and impassable by land. It may not technically be an island, but it sure feels like one. The entire thing is protected by a barrier reef, which means almost no tide, calm shallow waters, and some of the best snorkeling in this hemisphere.

Check out that copilot!

The recent hurricane absolutely wrecked most of the docks. The cleanup effort was in full swing.

Little known fact: Pulling shark’s tail can lead to bites.

Shark kicker!

It was about this point we had a total¬†failure of the underwater camera. As it turns out, you can’t safely open it underwater. Please imagine several excellent pictures of sea turtles below.

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